What photographers are saying

“ Our Photography Meet up in Lynde Shores was a day to remember.Our group of 8 included Team leader Max,Bel,Bimal,Kavita,Ada,Janet,Anne and Jairo.Max is great at organizing these tours. We started at 8 AM,nice and early for a chance to enjoy the joys of nature. Max set up the mobile bird feeder and we were able to spot and photograph almost 25 different kinds of birds in the lake and throughout the 4 hour walk including mourning doves, nuthatch,robin,osprey,chickadee,red winged black bird,American tree sparrow,Canada geese,trumpeter Swan,Mute Swan,Downy Woodpecker,shovelers,ring billed seagull, Vultures,wild turkeys,warbler,Grackle,Black Duck,Blue winged Teal , Mallard Duck, Killdeer, bluejay .We photographed some beautiful animals including grey and red squirrels and chipmunks.The highlight of the tour was a group of white tailed deer walking and running across the woods. On the way back we took a detour and walked through the wilderness swamp which added to our nature adventure. ”
— Bimal on Apr 8, 2017.

“ Max was really well-prepared for us to shoot a variety of macro subjects in a different settings. He obviously planned everything well in advance and even included a presentation which touched on key elements in photography (for beginners or for review) and in macro photography more specifically. We were able to see several of Max’s pictures and find out the techniques he used in obtaining them. In addition, Max showed us affordable ways to start our own macro “studios” of sorts by purchasing very basic equipment and by learning some tricks with our lenses. We had various hands-on stations to practise with different backgrounds, different materials and to use the equipment and materials mentioned. Max rotated through all participants ensuring we were all receiving the help we needed. He even had refreshments for us! Great learning afternoon! ”
— Kathy on Aug 9, 2015.