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Ice and Landscape photography at Ashbridge's Bay


Freezing weather creates some fantastic opportunities for close-up studies, so don the thermals and let's explore the world of Ashbridge's Bay. This miracle of nature that coats everything in ice crystals transforms even the most mundane of subjects into something of real beauty. But what makes frosty afternoons so special is that very often the day dawns clear and sunny, so not only are there a plethora of subjects to train your lens on but the light is fantastic as well. What’s not to like?

What to bring:
The images that I captured were all done on a 28-300mm zoom. Some of the ice is close and some far so that is my suggestion.

A polarizing filter is also advisable but not necessary. My images were shot without one.
If icy, wear icers on your boots. Needless to say it could be cold at the lake so dress appropriately.

Who should attend:
As always I will be giving instructions so beginners to advanced photographers can attend. Even cell phone users will find beauty at the Bay.

You can text or call me at 416-925-2222 or e-mail at

Have a happy New Year